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What is Mummas Wellbeing?

Mummas Wellbeing was set up with one goal – to support mums. And to support women in a flexible, holistic way, where the mum and baby/child come first. We believe that we need to put our oxygen mask on before helping others, and that if mums can learn to look after themselves, then they not only teach their children the most important skill of self-care, but they are healthier and happier for themselves and their world.

Last week we fell upon this quote ‘When women support each other, incredible things happen,’ which seemed to be saying something important about what we are doing. Mummas Wellbeing is a team of 18 women who specialise in working with women through fertility, pregnancy, the postnatal period and parenting. The therapists are not only experienced, qualified and accredited, but they also get what it is to be a mum. They have mums, they are mums (all in some capacity or another), and they understand how difficult it is to be a mum.

Motherhood is one of those amazing gifts, that inside we are all hugely grateful for. Some have struggled to become a mum, and many struggle to ‘be’ a mum with all it brings. In fact, I think it would be correct to say ALL mums struggle in some way to be a mum, experiencing difficulty in some way or another. There are the immense highs, and stark lows, with worry, increased responsibility, at times a sense of loss of control and other psychological aspects. This is alongside the physical pain – childbirth, pelvic pain, back pain (to name a few) as well as emotional or mental pain which we all will experience in some way or another, whether that be a moment of anxiety or sadness, or a set of symptoms such as in postnatal depression, anxiety or OCD which can feel debilitating and we can experience over a period of time. We all experience guilt and shame, and we seem to judge ourselves with a less then compassionate voice at times.

But we at Mummas Wellbeing are also acutely aware that you don't have to feel that way, and you certainly don’t have to feel alone with it. For example, speaking with one of our physiotherapists Jo, she was explaining how postpartum back, neck or pelvic pain should not be considered “normal” or something to be ‘lived with’. Yet we often struggle on, feeling our needs are less important than others. But what about the importance of us making time for our own physical well being in order to best care for our families? 

Maslow described a hierarchy of needs where at the top we reach our full potential. However to reach there, we have to ensure our biological and safety needs are met (shelter, food etc.) as well as our love/belongingness needs such as friendship and intimacy and esteem needs which includes mastery, achievement, and self-esteem. How many of us can say that we ensure we meet our needs daily? How often do we put others’ needs first? Have we asked ourselves recently what it is that we need?

The therapists at Mummas Wellbeing believe that we need to focus on ourselves and our needs, to ensure we feel well within ourselves. Having worked psychologically with women for a number of years, and in a number of interesting settings, it became apparent that the services for women were sporadic, often difficult to find, and without specialism. We seemed to lack a ‘hub’ of specialist treatment for women, where women’s feelings and requirements were really taken into consideration.

So we wanted to change this, to help, to make a difference. We try and put mum at the forefront of the treatment, with flexible appointments, home visits and babies welcome to many of the therapy sessions.

So what do we offer?

Relaxation therapies – We offer Ayurveda (holistic system based on achieving physical and mental harmony), treatments such as massages and facials, all using warm herb infused massage oils. We also offer a wide range of massages including pregnancy massage, postnatal massage, Indian head massage, hot stones massage, sports massage and a bespoke Mummas massage! Our reflexologists also offer a wide range of reflexology options, including fertility, pregnancy, hot stones, facial, mindful reflexology and much more. These treatments are for anyone who wants to relax or instil a sense of calmness into their lives, but can also be really useful for reducing pain, and potentiating our neurotransmitters linked to happiness!

Physical therapies – We have expert physiotherapists, who assess the way your body moves and can work with you to restore movement, treat muscle weakness such as in pregnancy and postnatally, and to treat and manage pain. They use a huge number of techniques in treating women, including clinical Pilates. Roz also runs our mixed Pilates class on Wednesdays in Guildford, where she supports pre and postnatal ladies. Our osteopath, Sally is an expert in women’s health, treating the whole body by improving overall flexibility and posture, resulting in improved health and a reduction in pain. These therapies don’t just treat an individual problem but take a holistic view of the body and how emotions may play a part in pain. Nutritional therapy maximises our health and wellbeing through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle changes. Our team has spent hours putting together the perfect packages for mums, which are flexible to mums’ needs. And we often forget how important nutrition is, with Kathryn explaining, only on Saturday how vital nutrition is in controlling blood sugar and therefore can be used to manage Gestational Diabetes healthily in pregnancy! We think that’s amazing!

Talking therapies – We offer a wide range of talking therapies which focus on helping people work through a specific issue, manage emotions, understand themselves better and develop coping skills and tools for changing behaviour, thoughts and emotional responses. We offer short term structured, skills based therapies such as CBT and DBT, as well as longer term counselling and psychotherapy. We also specialise in mindfulness, with our mindfulness classes starting in Guildford on Wednesday evenings in April with Jo.

Specialist maternity servicesArvigo® Therapy is founded on an ancient Maya technique of a non-invasive, external abdominal massage. Our Arvigo therapist works with digestive and reproductive concerns, enhancing fertility as well as general wellbeing. We also offer HypnoBirthing sessions and packages which aim to support mum in keeping calm and relaxed during and after the birth of their baby. Finally we have a specialist post-doula service which is a support package after the birth of a baby, where mum is supported in her everyday life, with a calming, supportive and helping presence in the home. What mum wouldn't want this!

We are here to help all women. We know we all need differing levels of support and are happy to support peoples’ individual needs, wants and personalities. See our Facebook for events – we run a monthly free mums support group and hold other free wellbeing events and workshops. If you aren’t based in Surrey but still want specialist support, we are happy to signpost, so give us a bell.

And remember, ‘behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.’ We have your back.

Dr Jo Gee

Mummas Wellbeing - is a specialist mums wellbeing service, in Surrey, UK. We offer Arvigo, hypnobirthing, counselling, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, massage, mindfulness, osteopathy, physiotherapy, pilates, postnatal doula and reflexology for women through fertility, pregnancy, the postnatal period and parenting.




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