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Personalised nutrition support

We offer nutritional therapy options for women across Surrey, including women's health, pregnancy, postnatal and weaning packages. Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach to maximising one’s health and wellbeing through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle changes. It aims to support the body as a whole, rather than an isolated set of symptoms, and recognises that each individual has their own specific requirements.

It promotes eating well through the use of wholesome, unprocessed foods, alongside the use of foods with specific therapeutic effects to support specific health concerns. This may be combined with supplements and lifestyle changes in order to support the body so it is better able to deal with the challenges to good health.

We offer specialist packages tailored to the individual, alongside personalised nutrition plans, and functional testing, including digestive function, food intolerance and hormone testing. 

Mummas nutrition packages

Nutritional therapy in Surrey is offered through a range of different packages:

  • Initial nutrition phone consultation: Free (15 minutes)

  • Diet check: £60 (30 minutes) - For those without specific chronic health conditions, the 30 minute Diet-check consultation will review your current food intake and discuss practical and easy to execute methods for improving this.

  • Nutritional Therapy – Mummas Package: £300 (3.5 hours over 2 months) - For support of more chronic health issues such as low energy, thyroid and other hormone imbalances, weight management and digestive issues. Includes a tailor-made Nutritional plan.

  • Nutritional Therapy – Bubbas Package: £300 (3.5 hours over 2 months)- For support regarding various child health issues such as general immune system support - reoccurring colds/infections, eczema and behavioural concerns and weaning. Includes a tailor-made Nutritional plan.

  •  Nutritional Therapy – Fertility Package: from £300 - Our fertility package provides nutritional support for women desiring support for healthy conception.

  • Nutritional Workshops – Mummas talk Nutrition: £20 (1 hour). See events for our next nutrition workshops.

We offer nutritional therapy for women's issues, including fertility, pregnancy for issues such as gestational diabetes, as well as postnatal nutrition and nutritional therapy for general women's health. Our diet check is perfect for women wanting to improve their nutrition, whilst we have more in-depth nutrition packages for those with chronic health conditions. Testing and supplementation recommendations can also be organised for you.

Julie Hancox, BA (Hons), Dip ION, is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist in Guildford. She specialises in supporting women before, during and after pregnancy through expert mums nutrition packages and nutrition workshops.

Liz Fielden, MSc, DipION is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist in Surrey offering tailored, achievable nutrition advice to women at all stages of life. She offers consultation in pregnancy nutrition and postnatal nutritional therapy.

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Clinic appointments for nutritional therapy are available in:

Phone and Skype/Zoom sessions are also available. Diet checks are available via Skype/Zoom nationwide.

Mobile nutritional therapy in Surrey is available at your home in some areas on request. 

Julie, BA (Hons), Dip ION, is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist

Julie, BA (Hons), Dip ION, is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist

Liz, MSc, DipION is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist

Liz, MSc, DipION is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist

Nutrition links

Find out more about nutritional therapy by visiting BANT and NTEC. Dr Chatterjee's website also provides a range of information about eating for health.

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